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COPD Support Ireland Hosts Lifestyle Webinar

COPD Support Ireland will host a free webinar, Living Your Best Life with COPD, for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, this Friday.

Scheduled to coincide with World Health Day, this April 7, the webinar aims to offer practical tips on the lifestyle changes people with COPD can make to enhance their quality of life.

It will feature a number of contributions on different aspects of living with COPD, including maintaining mental fitness, making food enjoyable and rediscovering the benefits of outdoor activity.

Perhaps more well-known as bronchitis or emphysema, there are an estimated 380,000 people living with COPD in Ireland. Its key symptoms are ongoing breathlessness and a persistent cough, with or without phlegm.

While tobacco is the main cause, other risk factors include exposure to second-hand smoke, inhalation of dusts, chemicals and fumes, living with an existing condition such as chronic asthma and having a family history of certain lung-related illnesses.

Speakers at the COPD event will include well-known psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy, award-winning landscape gardener, David Shortall, and chef, author and TV presenter, Adrian Martin.

“We know that a diagnosis of COPD can leave a person dealing not only with the physical symptoms but with effects on their mental health too,” said Dr Eddie Murphy, clinical psychologist, and RTÉ Operation Transformation expert.

“However, in the same way that there are healthy lifestyle changes we can undertake to better cope with the challenges of COPD, equally there are things we can do to adjust how we respond to those thoughts we may be experiencing.

“What I hope to look at in my talk is how we can still find fulfilment in life, how we can manage the big five emotions of happiness, sadness, disgust, fear and anger, and how we can implement psychological tools to add quality to our lives and get beyond stress.

“My hope is that people will go away with a newly-found meaning and purpose to life, and practical steps that they can take to really make a difference in living their best lives with COPD.”

Webinar attendees will be signposted to resources in their communities, such as support groups, hospital pulmonary rehabilitation programmes, living well self-management support programmes, the COPD & Meexercise programme and the SingStrong programme for better lung health.

The free of charge webinar will take place on Good Friday from 12 midday to 1.30pm. To register, or for more information on living with COPD, visit www.copd.ie or call the COPD AdviceLine on Freefone 1800 832 146 to make an appointment to speak to a COPD specialist nurse or physiotherapist.

Source : Dublin Gazette