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How Reliable is Public Transport in Ireland and How Can It Be Improved?

Dublin was ranked the worst for public transport among 30 European capital cities last week by environmental campaign group Greenpeace, based on affordability and simplicity for users in purchasing tickets.

We want readers to tell us their experience with public transport in Ireland and their thoughts on how it could be improved. You can tell us your story below.

Greenpeace EU transport campaigner Lorelei Limousin said:“Affordable public transport is a necessity, but many governments, Ireland’s included, treat it like a luxury good.”

Meanwhile, a report published by the National Transport Authority found that motorists would be far more likely to use public transport if they saw substantial improvements in its quality, availability, capacity and reliability, than if fares were removed.

Do you live near public transport services? Are buses and trains reliable in your area? Are there enough services available for the demand? How long does your commute take on public transport compared with a private car? How does public transport near you compare with other countries you have used transport services in? Is there appropriate transport infrastructure near you, such as sheltered bus stops, elevators and working ticket machines?

Are you or have you been a tourist in Ireland and, if so, what was your experience of public transport here? What do you think of payment methods for public transport? How did you travel from the airport?

Use the form below to tell us your thoughts. Please limit your submissions to 400 words or less. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate this in your submission – we will keep your name and contact details confidential but for verification purposes.

Source : IrishTimes