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Ireland Has Highest Quality of Life in Europe – Study

A new study has shown that Ireland has the highest quality of life compared to other countries in Europe.

The study, carried out by lifestyle magazine Dailybase, analysed 12 factors to determine which European countries have the best quality of life, including unemployment rate, access to healthcare, cost of living, and salary.

Ireland scored the highest, with a score of 73.72 out of 100.

Ireland’s GDP was 11.97 in 2022, 354 per cent higher than the European average, while the divorce rate was just 0.6 per 1,000 people.

In second place was Norway, with a score of 69.25. It scored a perfect 100 for literacy, meaning all residents aged 15 and above are able to read and write. It also has a high life expectancy at 83 years.

Next on the list was the Netherlands, with a score of 68.76. In comparison to other European countries, it has a very low unemployment rate of just 3.7 per cent, as well as a very high portion (55.6 per cent) of its residents having completed tertiary education.

Fourth on the list was Luxembourg, with its high monthly average salary of €4,670 per month. With a life expectancy of 82 years and a perfect literacy rate of 100 per cent, the country ended up with a score of 67.9.

The UK was fifth on the list, noting a low suicide rate and 57.47 per cent of residents having completed tertiary education, giving them a score of 67.73.

Source : Breakingnews