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Mercedes Bring The Smart 3 SUV Coupé To The Irish EV Market

The 3 SUV Coupé is latest addition to the Irish EV market.

It is now available in selected Mercedes-Benz dealerships to go alongside the smart 1 which was also recently introduced.

The smart 3 is the second smart EV model that its manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz, and Chinese auto maker, Geely say it “will be the new premium intelligent all-electric auto brand”.

Echoing the smart 1, it will come in a choice of five different versions initially, an entry-level Pro version followed by a Pro+ model, Premium model, a limited-edition model, and an exclusive smart 3 BRABUS edition. 

In the case of Pro+ and Premium editions, both models share the same attractive sporty appearance, outside and inside, with some slight feature variations that extend the choice available to customers.

The Brabus edition of the smart 3 is described as “a performance-oriented version likely to appeal to motorists who relish individualism and character.”

4.4m long, 1.8m wide, 1.6m high, with a 2.7m wheelbase, the smart #3 is “visually distinctive” thanks to its sporty coupé body, athletic curves and “shark nose” front.

Some interior elements include a 13-speakers premium audio system, ambient lighting, a 9.2-inch HD digital instrument cluster, and a 12.8-inch HD centrally mounted touch screen.

It is powered by an all-electric engine with rear-wheel drive, its 200kW performance delivers 343Nm of torque and a top speed of 180 kmph.

The BRABUS delivers 543Nm of torque and accelerates to 100 km/h from a standing start in just 3.7 seconds.

The Smart 3 will enter the market at €38.7k for the Pro design line.

Source: Business Plus