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Met Eireann Forecast Shows Exact Date Temperatures in Ireland Will Hit 20c but There’s a Catch

Ireland is braced for a wild weather ride over the coming days, with unusually mild temperatures forecast alongside apocalyptic rain.

Met Eireann says the mercury will rise to 20C in parts within hours but any sunny weather will be short-lived.

Widespread and persistent heavy rain is forecast to turn thundery at times with the possibility of isolated squalls.

According to forecasters, rain squalls are sudden and brief bursts of heavy rainfall accompanied by strong winds. They are often associated with thunderstorms or other convective weather systems and can cause localised flooding, reduced visibility and hazardous driving conditions.

Today thermometers will reach 19C in parts, before rising to 20C in eastern areas tomorrow, while overnight temperatures are unlikely to dip below double digits.

Talking about Sunday and Monday’s weather, Met Eireann said: “Sunday will start out dry with sunny spells. Becoming cloudy with light rain or drizzle along the west coast during the afternoon, becoming widespread and persistent and spreading eastwards later. Highest temperatures of 16C to 19C in moderate, occasionally fresh, southerly breezes.

“Widespread rain Sunday night will be heavy at times, clearing to showers by morning. Lowest temperatures 11C to 13C in a light to moderate southerly breeze.

“Monday, will see showers and sunny spells in the morning becoming frequent and widespread in the afternoon. In the early evening in eastern areas showers are expected to turn heavy and thundery with the possibility of isolated squalls. Highest temperatures of 15C in the west to 20C in the east, in a moderate south to southwest breeze.

“Showers will become isolated Monday night, mainly affecting western areas. Lowest temperatures of 8C to 10C in a light southwesterly breeze.”

The weather forecast for the following days predicts a mix of sun and showers as temperatures dip slightly lower.

The national forecaster says Tuesday will have sunny spells and showers, some of which will be heavy in the afternoon. Later in the day, it will become cloudier with rain expected along the west coast. Temperatures will range from 14C to 16C with a light to moderate southwesterly wind.

Tuesday night will be mostly cloudy with outbreaks of rain extending eastwards. The lowest temperatures will be between 6C to 9C with a light to moderate southwest to west wind.

Wednesday will see rain clearing to showers with highest temperatures of 14C or 15C in a moderate to fresh westerly breeze.

On Thursday, there will be sunshine and showers with northwesterly winds and temperatures ranging from 14C to 16C.

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