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Nct Ireland: Centres With Highest and Lowest Pass Rates in Dublin

NCT tests often fill drivers with dread as appointment slots can be difficult to obtain.

The car safety test also carries a hefty fee of €55 and can take anywhere between 40 minutes and an hour to complete. Drivers are keen to ensure they pass first time and may be inclined to visit test centres with a higher pass rate as a result.

A NCT centre in South Dublin enjoys one of the highest rankings nationwide for successful NCT tests. The Irish Mirror reports that the Deansgrange centre has an impressive pass rate of 61.53%.

Equally, there are centres people may want to avoid due to their high fail rates. The Navan centre is reported as one of the worst for motorists nationwide, with a significantly lower pass rate of 44.49 %.

The disparity between pass rates at different centres has been highlighted in the past. Motorists have also been reminded this week of additional changes to the NCT testing process, including a new focus on emergency call systems within cars.

Drivers are encouraged to prepare well in advance and invest in a mechanic’s visit if they suspect any issues with their vehicle. The majority of failed NCT tests stem from suspension issues within the car.

Source : Dublinlive