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Sinn Féin Remains Ireland’s Most Popular Party Despite Drop, Poll Suggests

Support for Sinn Féin has dropped three percentage point but remains far ahead of rival parties, a new poll has indicated.

The latest Irish Business Post/Red C poll has support for Sinn Féin at 29 per cent – down from 32 per cent last month – but well ahead of Fine Gael on 20 per cent and Fianna Fáil on 16 per cent.

The poll also records an increase in support for independents by one percentage point to 13 per cent.

The next Irish general election is set to be held in 2025, however, speculation is mounting it could be called in 2024.

The current Government is a coalition involving Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party.

The new poll has recorded a drop in, albeit high, support for Sinn Féin from 36 per cent in the middle of last year to 32 per cent last month and 29 per cent this month.

Fine Gael’s support is described as remaining unchanged on 20 per cent last month and this month, while Fianna Fáil is up one point to 16 per cent this month.

In terms of the smaller parties, the Social Democrats are on 6 per cent, the Labour Party has dropped one point to 4 per cent while the Green Party remain unchanged on 4 per cent.

People Before Profit-Solidarity remain on 3 per cent and Aontu on 2 per cent, with poll respondents saying they would vote for “other parties” increased by two points to 3 per cent while 10 per cent said they were undecided.

In terms of an early general election being called next year, more people (47 per cent) said they would prefer to see a general election held at some point in 2024 than in 2025.

Some 29 per cent said they would prefer for the Government to run its full term to 2025, while 20 per cent were neutral on the matter.

The poll was carried out between November 17th and November 22th.

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